Born and raised in China, Jayden Tang found satisfaction through expressing himself artistically, drawing and painting being his main outlet. Pursuing his love of the arts into adulthood Jayden eventually graduated with a BA in advertising, directing his future in fashion photography. His sharp eye and raw talent found him success in creditable areas, such as commercials and editorials. Success found Jayden's work in respected publications including L'Officiel to name a few. Craving further development in the fashion photography field Jayden relocated to London enrolling in an MA course of Fashion Photography at the prestigious institution ‘The London College of Fashion’. During this period Jayden found himself amongst a melting pot of creativity.

Successfully graduating from his MA course, his skill and talent led him forward to the much anticipated goal of shooting under London based editorial. A staple photographer for high end fashion publication such as 'Fashion156' and 'Designscene', he now gets to cast his photographic vision on high end brands related with London Fashion Week.

Jayden also lends his hand to professional post-production agency, where he is lucky enough to handle clients that cover a wide spectrum, highly respected brands 'Alexander Mcqueen', 'Chanel', 'Louis Vuitton' and the phenomenal fashion publication 'Vogue Italy'.

Amazing opportunities presented themselves, allowing him to capture some of the most innovative, enchanting work of his career. This work depicted a slick, high-end editorial production style, perfectly displaying his development over his years of exploration and experience.

Jayden Tang
Telephone: 07861431536